Choice Research Associates
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"Our goal
is to help
clients create

Shawn M. Flower, Ph.D.
Principal and Founder, Choice Research Associates


Choice Research Associates provides quality criminal justice research and evaluation services that employ rigorous methodologies and careful attention to detail. Our services include program evaluation, primary research, and secondary data analysis.

Our goal is to help clients create sustainable programs. Our company structure provides us the ability to be cost-effective and highly responsive to client needs.

Choice Research Associates works with program administrators, direct service providers, and funding agencies. We provide a bridge between the disciplines of criminal justice and applied statistics and between fellow practitioners and the communities they serve.

Choice Research Associates helps clients determine program elements which are important to performance improvements and key to continued funding. We help their stakeholders understand why solid data and measurement are key to performance improvements. We create and implement effective measures and evaluations. We then follow up with training and knowledge transfer.

In addition to evaluation activities, Choice Research provides policy and strategic planning support. Activities include conducting literature reviews and identifying effective programs and strategies to support evidence based policy and planning initiatives.

Choice Research Associates delivers the highest value to clients through proven, cost-effective methods.