Choice Research Associates
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Our goal is to measure your results in order to deliver quantifiable improvement.


Secondary Data Analysis services consist of exploring existing data including data cleaning, analysis and report writing. Data cleaning services include constructing existing data into a form that can be analyzed, through data entry from paper and pencil instruments, or the conversion of existing computerized data into analytic programs for analysis.

Secondary data analysis projects include:

Baltimore County Local Management Board Disproportionate Minority Contact Project

At Time of Release -- Inmate Homeless Census Report for the Transition Services and Community Initiative Project, Maryland Division of Correction

Rowan University Center for Addiction Studies, 2007-2008 New Jersey Consortium Alcohol and Party Drug Prevention Resource Centers Social Norms Project conducted at colleges and universities

Rowan University Center for Addiction Studies, New Jersey Department of Education 2005-2007 Social Norms project conducted at middle and high schools

Veteran Inmates in Maryland Office of Transition Services, Maryland DPSCS, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Baltimore, MD 2013